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Dr Feelgood

Dr. Feelgood are a British band formed in 1971. Hailing from Canvey Island, Essex, they are best known for early singles like "She Does It Right", "Roxette", and "Back in the Night".The group's original distinctively British R&B sound was centred on Wilko Johnson's choppy guitar style.

mike sanchez

British singer, pianist and guitarist Mike Sanchez is one of the most exciting and charismatic performers of Rhythm & Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll in the world today. His indelible image as a frenetic front man, pumping powerful boogie-woogie from the piano in a soaking suit, has won him fans from all over the world and attracted a following from many famous rock and blues legends who have lined up to work with him.

 Climax Blues Band

The Climax Blues Band of today carries the same standard of quality as it did when the band formed back in the late 60s and achieved such great success and recognition through the 70s and 80s, huge selling albums like FM / Live and Gold Plated, the 1976 hit single Couldn’t Get It Right (from Gold Plated) and I Love You in 1981, the reputation carrying right through until the tragic death of founder member Colin Cooper in 2008.

Jo Harman
Soul. Blues. Gospel. Beatles-worthy pop. These are the core ingredients of Jo Harman’s People We Become, a modern album rooted in the classic, timeless music of past generations.

Rebecca Downes
Hey; you know that trick you can do with a fresh bottle of Cola and you drop a mint in and it explodes in a frothy fountain…. Well, take a really hot, tight R’n’B band forged from incredibly talented musicians and front it with Rebecca Downes and the effect is much the same – an explosion of Soul tinged Blues from the days when R’n’B rocked the world.

In a genre that’s almost over run with pyrotechnic guitar slingers and rocking Blues shouters, Rebecca is doing things her way; taking the music back to its raw basics; touching the same vibe that Ike & Tina had when it was more about the music than the relationship. In perfect synchronicity with writing partner & band leader Steve Birkett, Rebecca’s take on the Blues is not to merely tell about what brings her down, but to almost celebrate that what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

There’s humour in there, and warmth, but don’t try and kick this girl when she’s down, she’ll bite through to the bone.
Mike Craggs 2016


Guitarist and keyboard player Jackie McAuley has had one of the most varied and creative careers of any of the great musicians who emerged from Belfast in the 60s. And currently he is on a roll, with the formation of a new backing band


Sweat soaked, Southern fried soul rock from South East London. Blues in Britain – Jaw droppingly good Blues Matters – Definitely a band to look out for

MACK are a seven piece soul rock band based in Lewisham, South East London. Blending the sounds of Muscle Shoals soul and British blues rock to create their sound, MACK conjure the spirit of the South with the addition of their own distinctly British leanings. If you like Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, The Faces and The Stones, you’ll find them all alluded to in a show laden with all the sleaze, tease and nice & easy you can shake a stick at. Currently working on their first full album offering.