Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I have lost my tickets. Can you replace them?
A. Like any other box office or ticket agency we cannot replace lost tickets unfortunately.

Q. Is it possible to get a refund on my ticket?
A. Sorry, we cannot refund unwanted tickets.

Q. Will tickets be available on the gate?
A. Possibly, but check website and Facebook for announcements in the event of a sell-out. However, it is very probable that CAMPING tickets will be sold out, and almost certain that Campervan/Caravan tickets will be sold out. If you intend to come but have not yet bought tickets we strongly advise you, particularly if camping, to buy your tickets well in advance. It will also save you money of course!


Q. Where is it?
A. Woolton Farm, Bekesbourne, Canterbury, Kent CT3 1TL.

Q. Are there any parking facilities?
A. Yes, and parking is free.

Q. Where is the nearest railway station?
A. Main one is Canterbury 10 to 15 mins away. Local is Bekesbourne Hill

Q. Is there a bus service from Canterbury to the venue?
A. It’s on a bus route from Canterbury to Littlebourne


Q. Can I bring fireworks?
A. Sorry - fireworks are strictly prohibited.

Q. Can I bring my camera?
A. Professional camera equipment is not permitted. You can bring your 'professional' hand held camera but the use of tripods, lens cases and other professional equipment is not allowed without press accreditation. These are the rules of the artists and not Blues On The Farm.

Q. Can I bring my own alcohol, bottles and glass to the festival?
A. To enable us to comply with the four licensing objectives alcohol cannot be brought into the festival arena but can be brought onto the campsite. We do, however, provide a very reasonably priced bar. Glass cannot be brought in to the festival or the campsite for health & safety reasons.

Q: A ban on bringing alcohol is understandable but why can't I bring my own food?
A: Stallholders pay us to trade at the festival, thereby subsidising the price of your tickets. If they don't make money because people bring their own food, they won't come again meaning higher ticket prices and no food stalls for those who don't want to bring their own food! It's simple economics. Obviously, there is no restriction on the campsite, just in the music venue itself.

Q: Can I bring my dog?
A: Well behaved dogs (and owners) are welcomed, but all dogs MUST be kept on a lead at all times, and of course any fouling must be removed IMMEDIATELY.

Q. Can I bring fold-up chairs, wind breaks or gazebos?
A. Fold-up chairs are permissible but after dark when the arenas are at their busiest, we request that they are removed. Wind shields or gazebos cannot be brought into the festival arena.


Q. Can I park my car next to my tent or caravan?
A. Not next to, but car parking is very close to campsites.

Q. Can I put a tent next to my friend's caravan/campervan?
A. Yes, but taking note of Campervan guidelines which will be strictly policed.

Q. Can my friends keep a space for my car and tent next to theirs?
A. No, you must meet up off site and arrive together.

Q. Can I place an awning at the side of my caravan/campervan?
A. Campervan and caravan pitches are 5 metres wide and allow for a campervan/caravans up to 3m in width to be sited in the centre of that space. This is to ensure that everyone is comfortably sited and have sufficient space between each neighbour. If your awning takes your overall accommodation width much over 3m, and to be fair to all campsite occupants, then you should buy a second pass unless you are sited next to friends and they are happy for you to encroach on that space with your awning. If you pitch a tent next to your camping vehicle then no awning is permitted.


• There are no electric hook-up points provided.
• Water is provided, but please bring a suitable container.
• Waste disposal is provided.
• All vehicles 6 metres or longer must have LARGE campervan/caravan pass.
• The pitching of tents with campervans is discouraged for safety reasons, however if your group is too large to fit into your campervan/caravan, you may pitch one small two-person tent immediately beside the vehicle (max size 3x2 mtrs). Anything bigger will require an extra pitch purchase. Tent cannot be pitched if you use an awning on your van. Max awning size 2.5 mtrs. No gazebos please!

Please note: Cars cannot be parked next to campervans or caravans. Please use the public car parks provided.

Q. Can I sleep in my van / car?
A. Not in the car park. Of course you may class your car or van as a campervan if you wish, in which case you must purchase a campervan pass and park in the campervan area.

Q. Are there any restrictions on tent size?
A. No but please try to be sensible and fair to others. Please try to use a tent that covers your basic needs. And remember gazebos are not permitted – we have limited campsite room and we need to accommodate as many people as possible in order to survive!

Q. Are there shower and toilet facilities (including disabled facilities) on the camp site?
A. There are toilets throughout the site. Showers TBA.

Q. Can I have a barbeque or fire at the camp site?
A. BBQ's are allowed but must be off the ground. Flat throwaway BBQ's or any type of open fire are not allowed.

Q. Are there any electrical hook-ups and water supplies on the campsite?
A. There are fresh water standpipes on the campsite. There are currently no electrical hook-ups.

Q. Are we likely to be kept awake all night in the campsite by noisy revellers?
A. We have been 'advised' by the council that local people WILL complain about any excess noise at night. We would request that noise is kept to a minimum throughout the campsites. Naturally many people will be enjoying a late-night drink with friends - so will we! - but please, no shouting, shrieking or rowdy behaviour. Campsites will be patrolled by security officers and if they ask you to be quieter please comply with their request; it's for a very good reason.

Q. Is Glamping available?
A. Yes, Glamping and Pre-pitched Camping available via Tangerine Fields - see details on Information page.

Q. We are travelling a long way - can we arrive and camp up on Thursday?
A. No, we do not take possession of the venue until Friday 10am, which is when we are allowed to open the campsite. There are many private campsites in Kent where you can pitch up on the Thursday. See

Q. Can we camp without actually attending the festival?
A. No, the campsite is for festival ticket holders only. Access to campsite is not possible without a camping ticket AND a festival ticket.


Q. Are there any concessions for the disabled?
A. A person requiring a carer must be in possession of higher rate DLA or enhanced rate PIP with a care component. Just having a Blue Badge will not qualify for carer concession. Disabled people with a clear need for a carer can buy a ticket with carer option on the ticket page. Proof of disability MUST be presented at box office.

Q. Are there any disabled parking and disabled camping facilities?
A. For those that are not camping there is a disabled parking area adjacent to the festival entrance. On arrival please let the stewards know that you are disabled and they will direct you to the parking area. Disabled parking & camping is STRICTLY for Blue Badge holders. Any vehicle in disabled area without a blue badge will be removed!
If you are camping, there is a separate disabled parking and camping area adjacent to the exit of the campsite. There are also disabled toilets in this area.

Q. How accessible is the site for the disabled?
A. Almost all the site has good disabled access.
Disabled toilet facilities are available for the festival and disabled campers will be situated close to disabled toilets on the campsite.

Q. Can I charge my disability scooter during the festival?
A. Scooters can be charged next to the disabled viewing platform during the day. We are looking into the possibility of overnight charging facilities but can’t promise anything just yet.


Q. I've had a bad experience at other festivals with insufficient or unclean toilets. Are your facilities any better?
A. Oh yes. We have plenty of toilets that are cleaned and serviced constantly throughout the weekend and topped up with soft toilet paper.

Q. Is there a cash machine on site so I can withdraw cash?
A. No. We are simply not big enough for the facility. Bring lots of cash with you!

Q. Are children welcome?
A. Yes, of course! Children under 10 are admitted FREE. Youths under 18 must be accompanied by a ticket-holding adult.


Q. I'd like to perform at Blues On The Farm. Who do I contact?
A. Sorry, line-up is complete.

Q. I would like to advertise in the Program. Who do I contact?
A. email

Q. I would like to have a trading stall. Who do I contact?
A. email

Q. I would like to be a steward. Who do I contact?
A. email

Q. I would like to talk about sponsorship. Who do I contact?
A. email

Q. Do I need to bring ID?
A. If you are lucky enough to look under 25 you must bring ID for purchase or consumption of alcohol

Q. I can't find the answer to my query. Who do I contact?
A. Please send your query to